Weast Productions was born in 2002 from an idea of Gianluca Grossi, who still directs it today. It started as an independent agency specialized in productions for television networks. News, features and documentaries were our daily bread. Weast was providing its services and contents from the Middle East: from 2002 until today we have been covering almost all the wars in that region, fro Israel, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia, Egypt and many more. We also reported from Africa and a number of places in Europe where conflicts or crisis took place (Ukraine, migrant crisis, etc.). Photography came a bit later and today is an integral part of our work. That’s why we divided our new webpage in two main parts: Videography and Photography. In both of them  you will find our newest projects and you will be able to see what we just did and to experience what we are working on. We can provide information material in English, Italian, German and French.

If you are interested in purchasing our video footage or our photos just contact us. We are also available for assignments and you can reach us 24/7.